Personalized Warm Wave Bridal Shower Mint Tin Favors

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Personalized Warm Wave Bridal Shower Mint Tin Favors
This is the perfect party favor for bridal showers. Our high quality hinged tin is decorated with a tasteful designer label, customized with name and date for the happy occasion. Each tin can be filled with your choice of: White Peppermint "Candy Mint"
- A nice mild mint candy that your guests will love. These are a white candy that are small and shiny (about the size of a red hot) but have the taste of a mild peppermint. These mints are elegant and a hit with everyone from grandparents to young kids. Peppermint "Breath Mint" – A pastel green breath mint candy that looks similar to the candy mints. Mints are shiny and pearl-like in appearance with a slightly soft center and a strong mint flavor. Gum Mints
- These are the size of large Chiclets but are white with splashes of green. A very long lasting mint flavor. Fruit Tarts
- Perfect choice for the kids, but adults love them too. Very colorful and fruity. Little round candies that are sweet and tart. If you want to stay away from mints, this is the choice for you. Each palm sized tin is 2 1/4" W x 1 3/4" L x 1/2" H and are filled with approximately 1 oz of candies
- which is aproximately 100 mints. All candies are kosher and parve. Choose from White, Ivory, Pink, Lavender, Blue or Black Tin colors. All images are digitally printed on high quality product labels. Minimum Order of 24 Per Design.
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